What is considered part of the Nightcliff Village site?

    The project site area includes the whole Nightcliff Village footprint. The Village and Market Space is located across several privately owned land parcels. Both Pavonia Way (the north-south central spine) and the service laneway (running east-west) are publicly owned by the City of Darwin. The project area is bounded by Pavonia Place to the north, Phoenix Street to the west, Progress Drive to the south, and Oleander Street to the east.

    The project area also includes the internal pedestrian space Pavonia Way as well as the service laneways that run east to west connecting to Oleander Street and Phoenix Street.

    What is the Nightcliff Masterplan vision?

    To enhance the existing features of the Nightcliff Village beyond the market use to create a holistic local centre, transforming to a comfortable, engaging and inviting space.

    What is the key need that has informed the Nightcliff Masterplan?

    City of Darwin has identified the opportunity to improve usability of space by activating the laneways and the precinct during both the week and at night. This will provide additional opportunities for the community along with existing and new businesses.

    Key enhancements include improved pedestrian access, activation of laneways, street beautification and upgrades to stormwater drains.

    What is the background of the project and what engagement has there been to inform the Nightcliff Masterplan?

    City of Darwin researched, assessed and prepared a draft masterplan to guide future upgrades of the public realm at Nightcliff Village.

    Between April and October 2022, a thorough stakeholder consultation was conducted to assist in clarifying the scope of the upgrades and identify priority desires from key stakeholders.

    City of Darwin is now seeking feedback from the community on the draft masterplan to help prioritise a staged roll out.

    What are the design aims of the Nightcliff Masterplan?

    The design promotes a vibrant environment and experience with high levels of amenity including heath reduction and improving universal accessibility.

    How does the draft Nightcliff Village Masterplan connect with City of Darwin’s vision for the municipality?

    The aim of the draft masterplan is to enhance the existing features and create a more holistic local centre for the neighbourhood. The draft masterplan is in line with City of Darwin’s strategic direction of ‘A capital city with best practice and sustainable Infrastructure and design goals focussed on being “COOL- GREEN- CLEAN”.

    What are the key features outlined in the draft Masterplan?

    New central shade structure:

    • Including large space to facilitate market stall holders
    • New garden beds and permanent seating

    Upgrade to existing shade structure in the Pavilion Way entry from Progress Drive:

    • Retain existing steel structure and translucent roof sheeting in the Pavilion Way entry from Progress Drive
    • Upgrades in colours and timber battening to connect the old and new within the village
    • New ramp access to Pavillion Way entry from Progress Drive
    • Secondary access to allow new access to Pavillion Way
    • New fixed seating and garden beds upgraded

    New toilet block:

    • Located on the corner of Progress Drive and Oleander Street
    • Timber screen will soften the façade, allow for ventilation and privacy
    • Location is suitable for passive surveillance
    • Screening also wraps around the existing substation
    • Opportunity for art murals

    Upgrades to corner of Pavonia Place and Oleander Street

    • New permanent seating, deck platforms and seating walls
    • New bike racks
    • New flower beds with hardy shrubs and groundcovers
    • Community sculpture opportunities

    Upgrades to corner Phoenix Street and Pavonia Place:

    • New permanent seating, deck platforms and seating walls
    • New bike racks
    • New flower beds with hardy shrubs and ground covers
    • Community sculpture opportunities

    Upgrades to corner Progress Drive and Oleander Street:

    • Existing garden bed expanded with hardy shrubs and ground covers
    • New sign with forms and materials inspired by Nightcliff Foreshore Cliffs

    Improved laneways:

    • Resurfacing
    • Improved drainage
    • Trees in garden beds
    • Permanent seating
    • Arbour structures with fairy lights

    Is the project funded?

    Funding for the masterplan has not yet been identified or budgeted. However, Chan Ward Councillors have allocated $200k to short-term works through the Better Suburbs Program.

    Implementation of works outlined in the finalised masterplan will be delivered in a staged approach as funding becomes available. It is estimated that the complete works outlined in the draft masterplan would cost $6 million.

    Importantly the staged works will be informed by this stakeholder and community engagement process.

    What is the Better Suburbs Program?

    All Better Suburbs initiatives are commissioned to improve community infrastructure and beautify Darwin streets and suburbs.

    Better Suburbs project funding is allocated by the Ward Councillors and Lord Mayor. The community can provide feedback directly to councillors about the types of projects they want for their suburbs.

    Why is the toilet being relocated?

    Through the stakeholder engagement process, the existing toilet block area was noted as being prone to antisocial behaviour.

    The proposed location (Corner of Progress Road and Oleander Street) was chosen based on proximity of service infrastructure, maximising tree retention, and increasing passive surveillance to reduce antisocial behaviour. It was identified that the Market Association would still be able to enter into a private use agreement for the existing toilet block.

    A position adjacent to the Eastern laneway entrance was considered as an alternative location. An arboricultural impact assessment determined that this location is not desirable due to its proximity to a significant tree (50 – 70 year old Arfeuilea arborescens).

    Why are we being asked to provide feedback?

    City of Darwin is genuinely interested in listening to the ideas, preferences and needs of its communities. Your insights are valued and help us to plan how we can deliver the best holistic local centre that suits the needs of all stakeholders.