Why do we need a dog park?

    Dog parks can be a great asset to the community and their dogs. There are many benefits including: 
    - Healthier, happier and less aggressive dogs
    - Exercise and socialisation for both dogs and their owners. 

    How did we select this site for the dog park?

    This location was identified during the 2017 Lakeside Drive Masterplan. Currently the space is underutilised. The area meets the needs/requirements for a dog park to be successful including: 
    -Adequate Parking Spaces
    -No adjacent properties
    -Toilet facilities 
    -Open area surveillance 
    -Connections to walking trails and pathways 

    How will the dog park be managed?

    The Animal Management Team here at City of Darwin will manage the location with regular visits from the rangers. 
    Park rules and etiqutte will be displayed onsite to encourage a positive and safe space for all users.

    Is there car parking?

    Yes, there is an informal car park adjacent to the Dog Park site. 

    Is there toilets?

    Yes - there are toilets within walking distance of the site.

    Will there be a separate area for small dogs?

    Yes there will be a smaller area fenced off for our small but mighty friends

    Will wildlife be impacted?

    No, the area is securely fenced offering a safe place for the dogs to run as well as protecting any wildlife that may be around the area. 

    Is this part of the Dog and Cat Management Strategy 2018 - 2022?

    Yes, our Animal Management team at City of Darwin have been working to deliver the 'Dog and Cat Management Strategy 2018-2022', a part of this is to identify and develop new dog park facilities.

    How big is the dog park?

    The dog park will be approximately 1400sqm with separate areas for small and large dogs.

    What type of play equipment will be in the dog park?

    We will be providing play equipment for dogs to practice their natural skills and this could include: tyres, logs, boulders, tunnels, and other elements to enrich a dogs experience