What is the Darwin City Deal?

    The Darwin City Deal is a 10-year plan to position Darwin as a vibrant and liveable tropical capital city, supported by a growing population and diverse economy.

    The Australian and Northern Territory Governments, together with the City of Darwin, are partnering to support projects to revitalise Darwin's city centre, as well as the planning and collaboration needed to support Darwin's future growth.

    What is placemaking and why is it a focus of the Darwin City Deal?

    Placemaking is a term that brings together the planning, designing and management of public spaces.

    Through placemaking, we want people to embrace and share the public realm that Darwin City’s laneways and small streets provide.

    To learn more, visit ‘Laneways and Small Streets Action Plan'. 

    Why Chapel Lane?

    Chapel Lane provides a frequented pedestrian line of sight between Mitchell Street and the Mall.

    Where can I park to access Chapel Lane?

    Parking is located a short distance away on-street and in the State Square Underground Carpark, Darwin Oval and West Lane carparks.

    Will the bus stop on Mitchell Street be affected?

    The bus stop on Mitchell Street will remain unchanged in its current location for the period of the Chapel redevelopment project.

    Is the project funded?

    Northern Territory Government has committed $1.35 million towards this project.

    Why are we being asked to provide feedback?

    City of Darwin is genuinely interested in listening to the ideas, preferences and needs of its communities. Your insights are valued and help us to plan how we can deliver a project that best suits the needs of all stakeholders.