Open with the important information

    Start with a clear and specific statement that outlines why your nominee is worthy of Citizen, Young Citizen or Community activity of the year. Ask yourself: What activities or actions have the nominee undertaken that stand out? What has the nominee accomplished that goes above and beyond their job description? What special skills or talents have they employed? How has the nominee changed their community? Why are you motivated to nominate this person?

    Share their story

    Strengthen your nomination by painting a picture of the person. What motivates them to make a difference? What personal challenges have they overcome in their life? Why do they inspire others? How does this person make you feel?

    Don’t just say it, prove it

    Use real-world examples that demonstrate why your nominee is an inspiring role model. Whether your nominee is the first one to lend a hand at the local football club or the person staying back late each night in the lab, we want to know the stories of their life and the impact they have made.

    Tell the facts

    Support your nomination with hard facts and reliable statistics. Can you provide specific measures of this person’s success?

    Aim for quality, not quantity

    A long nomination isn’t always a better nomination. Try to keep your sentences short and concise, and avoid repetition. Steer clear of detailed job descriptions or work histories or providing multiple referee statements that don’t offer new information.

    Check eligibility

    Take the time to check that your nominee meets the eligibility criteria.