What is a Strategic Plan?

    The Strategic Plan guides all that City of Darwin does. It describes a future for the city that Council will use to develop its services, resources and programs to best serve our community.

    Is there an existing Strategic Plan?

    City of Darwin’s Evolving Darwin 2020 Strategic Plan can be accessed at: https://www.darwin.nt.gov.au/sites/default/files/publications/attachments/city_darwin_strategic_plan_2012_web.pdf

    Why are we preparing a Strategic Plan?

    The year 2020 is only 2 years away and at that time the current City of Darwin’s Evolving Darwin 2020 Strategic Plan will have reached the end of its timeline. It is important that City of Darwin seek to be forward thinking and engage with the future. As a result, City of Darwin is developing its Strategic Plan for 2030.

    What is the Summit?

    The Summit will be a representative group of 80 community members working together to plan the future of City of Darwin. The Summit will be held over 2 whole days to deliberate over the vision, values and goals for the City of Darwin municipal area.

    Who can go to the Summit?

    This invitation is being sent to 5,000 households across the City of Darwin and 2,000 to the communities around the City of Darwin (including Palmerston and Litchfield). Any individual in the household may register their interest. This invitation is not transferable outside the household that received it. A random selection process will be undertaken by independent consultants democracyCo to finalise participants. 

    How are the 80 people being selected?

    Everyone who registers will be entered into a random selection process undertaken by independent consultants democracyCo to finalise the participants. On registration, you’ll be asked a few questions to ensure the Summit broadly represents the city and the demographics of the general population.