What is a pump track?

    A pump track is a continuous loop track with banked turns and mounds that you ride without pedalling, the ‘pumping’ motion is used to maintain speed. Pump tracks can also be ridden by skateboarders, in-line skaters and scooters. As it is only a proposal designs of the pump track have not been completed. There are photos of example pump tracks in the Photo Gallery.

    Do the proposed elements use up all the open space area?

    Yes, the current proposal utilises all of the open space area next to the Velodrome. 

    Is there a design of the proposed pump track?

    No. Due to the project being at proposal stage a pump track design has not been completed. Two photos of example pump tracks are provided in the Photo Gallery.

    Who has proposed this project?

    Triathlon NT and Cycling NT have proposed the three additional elements to the approved Velodrome upgrade project. The three additional elements would create a Velodrome Precinct. The proposed three additional elements are open for community consultation.

    What are the approved Velodrome upgrade elements?

    ·  A 250m concrete track upgrade with 30–35 degree banks with safety fencing
    · Replacement lights for the velodrome track

    What are the proposed elements that are open for community consultation?

    Relocated bike skills park – a dirt flat track course with jumps and slalom style activities 
    New criterium track – a closed circuit cycle track surrounding the proposed Velodrome Precinct
    New pump track – a continuous loop with banked turns and mounds that you ride without pedalling, the ‘pumping’ motion is used to maintain speed

    Where is the location of the three additional elements proposed by Cycling NT and Triathlon NT?

    The public open space area adjacent to the Velodrome, bounded by McMillans Road, Old McMillans Road and Sabine Road. The area is approximately 24,000 metres square. 

    What is the area currently being used for?

    This area is currently a public open space area. The majority of Bagot Part is zoned OR (Organised Recreation) with a small lot at the end of the reserve zoned Open Space. Both areas are owned by City of Darwin. 

    Why is Council seeking public feedback?

    Council and its elected members are keen to understand the community sentiment around this proposal to help inform a decision on whether to approve it or not. 

    Will the proposed project include additional parking and toilet facilities?

    Council recently consulted with the local residents about the proposal for lights on the soccer fields at Bagot Park. Improving the car parking was a key priority for the local residents. A design has been completed for the upgrade of the existing car park, this will be considered by Council as part of the 2019/20 budget process. There are not any plans for additional parking at this stage.

    There are no plans for additional toilets.  There is an existing toilet block next to the Velodrome. 

    Does Council have a view on whether this project should proceed?

    Council is focussed on supporting any project that aims to activite and reinvigorate the City of Darwin.  However we are very mindful of our role; supporting and investing in projects that the people of Darwin need and want, which is why we are asking the community for their feedback on the proposal.

    Is there funds for the proposed Velodrome Precinct elements?

    Northern Territory Government has committed $2.5M to the approved Velodrome upgrade (track upgrade and lighting). The additional proposed Precinct elements do not have funding at this stage. 

    How will the local residents be impacted?

    Local residents in the area are key stakeholders and will be consulted closely during this process.  Their views and feedback will be an important part of the consultation process.