Why are you asking the public if there should be a trial?

    In line with our commitment to open and transparent community engagement, City of Darwin is seeking feedback on a proposed recreational vehicle (RV) trial at Bundilla Beach. 

    We are keen to hear your concerns about and aspirations for the proposed trial. We will keep you informed of any progress and let you know how public feedback informs Council’s final decision.

    What is City of Darwin trying to achieve through this proposed trial?

    We’re committed to working with local businesses and industry to advance the Darwin economy. Implementing this trial would provide more accommodation options near the CBD in Darwin’s busy 2023 peak visitor period and is expected to support local businesses, creative industries and the visitor economy.

    What kind of development will happen to the site for the trial?

    The site is currently being used as a car park, and has a bitumen surface. No permanent structures will be constructed on the site. A dumping point will be installed nearby. Some additional lighting and temporary fencing may be erected for security purposes. The proposed trial site will not encroach upon the beach area.

    What will happen to the site once the trial period is over?

    Should the trial proceed and be found unsuccessful, the site will be returned to its current state. Should the trial proceed and be found successful, further assessments will be undertaken to determine whether a long term RV Park is suitable.

    Who is going to operate the proposed RV park?

    Should the trial be supported, City of Darwin will then seek expressions of interest from prospective operators.

    How much is this trial costing ratepayers?

    Should the trial proceed, all costs would be borne by the successful applicant following the expressions of interest process.

    Why was Bundilla Beach chosen as the proposed trial site?

    The site for the proposed trial is City of Darwin land, which is currently being used as a car park, and was arrived at following an assessment of locations close to key services and amenities, and that met access, security and traffic management requirements.

    Will there be an environmental impact?

    The site for the proposed trial is currently being used as a car park and has a bitumen surface. Guests at the proposed RV park would need to have fully self-contained RVs, including showers, toilets and kitchenette.

    City of Darwin’s by-laws relating to illegal camping, litter, lighting fires, broken glass and animal management will apply. Should the RV park trial proceed and an operator appointed to manage the park, they will be required to obtain a Permit to Occupy under the City of Darwin By-laws.

    Will guests of the park be allowed to have their pets with them?

    Bundilla Beach is a dog-friendly location. Guests would need to comply with City of Darwin By-laws.

    How many recreational vehicles can the site hold?

    It is estimated that 20 recreational vehicles would fit in the allocated space while still maintaining privacy.

    When would the park be open?

    If the trial goes ahead it is estimated to take place during the 2023 peak visitor period. The trial would not proceed into 2024.

    What facilities will be available?

    There will be a dump point installed during the trial period with costs borne by the successful applicant. Recreational vehicles using the space would be self-sufficient regarding water, washing, showering, and cooking needs.

    Will there be a booking system?

    Should the trial go ahead, the means through which bookings can be made for the RV park would be dependent on the operator’s processes.

    Will there be a caretaker onsite?

    A caretaker being onsite would be dependent on the operator’s processes.

    Is there going to be security measures in place?

    All security costs would be borne by the successful operator if the trial goes ahead.

    Can the public still access the beach?

    Yes, residents would still be able to access Bundilla Beach, the boat ramp and Aitkins drive.

    Can the public still use the walking path going through the site?

    City of Darwin will ensure connectivity to the path network.

    How long would guests be able to stay at the park?

    Should the trial go ahead, the length of guest stays will be at the discretion of the operator but will remain within the trial end date in 2023.

    What will you do with my feedback?

    All responses received during the engagement period will be compiled in a report and provided to Council for their consideration. Outcomes of the engagement process will be made publicly available on the City of Darwin website as part of our commitment to an open and transparent engagement approach.