What is the Commercial Outdoor Activities Policy?

    The Commercial Outdoor Activities Policy is a framework supporting a range of commercial activities within City of Darwin’s public land, while maintaining public amenity and access.

    What types of commercial activities does this policy cover?

    The policy covers a range of commercial activities including but not limited to retail operations, street food (food trucks), temporary structures (parklets), outdoor dining, outdoor classes (fitness, art or walk-around tours), and any other activity with a commercial intent occurring on City of Darwin land. 

    What is the purpose of the policy?

    The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework supporting a range of commercial activities on City of Darwin land, while maintaining public amenity and access.

    How will the policy affect businesses and event organisers?

    Businesses will need to adhere to specific regulations and obtain necessary permits to conduct commercial activities on City of Darwin land.

    Why will this policy be implemented?

    This draft policy was introduced to incorporate all responsible and sustainable commercial activities taking place on City of Darwin land in the one document. Previously, these activities were outlined in various policies, so City of Darwin is simplifying this information into the one policy. The new policy aims to stimulate economic activity, support local businesses and activate our public spaces, while maintaining equitable access for the community.

    What is the purpose of this consultation?

    The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback on the draft commercial policy outdoor activities policy and supporting draft guidelines. We are seeking diverse perspectives and insights from businesses and prospective commercial users of City of Darwin land; and want to ensure that the policy effectively addresses business and community needs, fosters transparency, and garners stakeholder buy-in.

    Why am I being consulted and what will happen with my feedback?

    Feedback helps ensure that the policy reflects the needs and considerations of those it affects. Your thoughts can shape the final version, potentially leading to adjustments or improvements that address various concerns or make it more effective. Your input is an essential part of creating a policy that serves its purpose and the people it impacts.

    Will the policy have a set of guidelines to support it?

    Yes, it will. City of Darwin has established a set of guidelines for the commercial activities mentioned within the policy, detailing specific requirements and conditions for different types of businesses. Compliance with the guidelines will promote fair and safe business practices.

    How can businesses apply for permits?

    Applications for permits can be submitted through the City of Darwin's website, via email to darwin@darwin.nt.gov.au, or in person at the Civic Centre. The application process involves providing details about the proposed activity, safety measures, public liability, and other relevant information.

    Are there fees associated with permits?

    There are fees associated with the issuing of permits, depending on the type and scale of the commercial activity. The fee structure is outlined in the City of Darwin fees and charges and is subject to annual review by the City of Darwin Council.

    What happens if a business or applicant does not comply with the policy?

    Non-compliance with the policy may result in warnings, suspension of permits, fines, or legal action, depending on the severity and repetition of the violation. The objective is to ensure compliance and maintain the integrity of the policy.

    How can I provide feedback about the draft policy?

    City of Darwin encourages the public to share feedback regarding commercial activities on City of Darwin land. Submissions and feedback about the draft policy can be provided through the City of Darwin’s Engage website page at engage.darwin.nt.gov.au during this engagement process. 

    If you need an interpreter you can call TIS National, the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450. You will need to provide our phone number 08 8930 0300.

    For any other enquiries, how can I speak to someone about my concerns/questions about commercial activities in Darwin?

    For more information on commercial activities, applying for a permit, processing a permit or making a complaint about a vendor, please contact darwin@darwin.nt.gov.au or call 8930 0300.