Why are the Nightcliff exercise stations being upgraded?

    City of Darwin completed an audit of all the exercise equipment in the municipality. The Nightcliff equipment was identified as the highest priority for an upgrade. The stations at Nightcliff Foreshore are over 10 years old and have wear and tear from extensive use and exposure to salt spray and extreme heat.

    What types of equipment is Council considering for the exercise stations?

    Outdoor exercise stations are typically made up of static and dynamic equipment. The current trail at Nightcliff Foreshore has a mixture of static and dynamic equipment and is designed to give users an all-over workout regardless of which end of the trail they begin at. Static equipment refers to equipment that has no moving parts where the user performs weight-bearing exercises and other functional movements. Monkey bars an example of static equipment. Dynamic equipment refers to equipment that has moving parts such as an exercise bike or elliptical trainer. A benefit of dynamic equipment is that is does not require an existing fitness or strength level. To cater to all fitness levels and preferences, Council is considering both static and dynamic equipment at its outdoor exercise stations. Feedback received during the consultation will help determine what types of new equipment is installed. 

    What is the budget to upgrade the stations?

    Council have an allocated budget of $200,000 for upgrading exercise stations within the 2018/19 equipment renewal program. 

    When will the equipment be upgraded?

    The equipment is scheduled to be upgraded in the 2019 Dry Season.

    What other exercise stations are in the Darwin municipality?

    ·  East Point Reserve

    ·  Yanyula Park, Anula

    ·  Robyn Lesley Park, Karama

    ·  Bicentennial Park, The Esplanade

    ·  Bailey Street Park, Muirhead

    ·  Ted Rowe Park, Muirhead

    ·  Bowditch Street Park, Muirhead