Why is City of Darwin developing a master plan for the Bundilla Beach area?

    The draft master plan aims to activate and transform the amenity of the Bundilla Beach area, and will guide the use and management of the Bundilla Beach area across the short, medium and long term.

    What is the draft Bundilla Beach master plan?

    A master plan is an important document that guides the design and delivery for revitalisation of an area. The draft Bundilla Beach master plan is staged and prioritised, and construction will be split into three stages.

    What are the master plan’s design principles?

    • A Connected Community – support safe and accessible pedestrian, cycle, and vehicle connections to enhance use by all members of the community.
    • An Environmental Resource – protect and enhance the natural environments, which also provide the basis for passive recreation activities and enjoyment of the area.
    • A Foreshore for Everyone – maximise access to and use of the foreshore area for the entire community, whether it be for exercising, enjoying street food or watching a spectacular sunset.

    Why is a master plan needed?

    City of Darwin’s strategic vision is to help create a safe, liveable and healthy city - we want to create and activate open, green spaces that are accessible for all members of the community. The draft master plan incorporates varied uses for the Bundilla Beach area, and has been informed by community and stakeholder views, needs and aspirations for the future use and management of the space.

    How will the masterplan be delivered?

    Construction of the Bundilla Beach master plan will be split into three stages, with Stage One delivering more public lighting and CCTV; a new dog park; a 3 x 3 basketball court; landscaping and more green spaces; new pathways to improve connectivity and more toilets, BBQ tables and shelters. 

    Stage One works will also see a new monument commemorating the 50th anniversary of Cyclone Tracy, supported by a $300,000 contribution from the Australian Government. 

    Construction on Stage One of the master plan is expected to commence during dry season 2024.

    The medium and longer-term stages of the draft master plan will see:

    • significant native plantings across the site, with up to 85 per cent canopy coverage in some areas
    • enhanced recreational opportunities through provision of fishing platforms on the lagoon; skateable surfaces integrated into path networks; and a water play area
    • expansion of the beachfront recreation and leisure area, featuring beachfront viewing platforms; extension of pathway network; and additional park furniture. The expansion of the beachfront area will be made possible through the realignment of Atkins Drive
    • new entry into the reserve through addition of a roundabout and formal parking off East Point Drive to provide safe and easy access to the reserve.

    How is the project funded? What is the budget for revitalising the Bundilla Beach area?

    Only the development of the master plan and the delivery of Stage One works have been funded at this time. The Northern Territory Government has committed $3 million and City of Darwin has contributed $500,000 for a total of $3.5 million to deliver the following:

    • Stage One master plan detailed design
    • Construction of Stage One deliverables
    • Concept design of Stages Two and Three.

    What can I provide feedback on?

    You can provide feedback on the draft master plan for the Bundilla Beach area. If you have any thoughts or ideas on Stages Two and Three of the master plan, we want to hear them. We want to know if it meets what you were hoping for.

    Haven’t I already provided feedback on this project?

    Prior to drafting the master plan, City of Darwin ran an extensive engagement process from 16 October to 12 November 2023 to gather a range of views about the future use and management of the Bundilla Beach area across the short, medium and long term. 

    Around 700 people shared their views about their needs and aspirations for the Bundilla Beach area during this first phase of engagement. Feedback was presented to Council; made publicly available on the City of Darwin and Engage Darwin websites; and informed the development of the draft master plan.

    City of Darwin is now conducting a second phase of engagement, where we are seeking feedback on the draft master plan.

    How will my input impact the master plan?

    Feedback, concerns and aspirations about the future of the Bundilla Beach area received in the first phase of engagement were considered by the design team and Council. This feedback has informed the development of the draft master plan we have now, this includes the detailed design for Stage One, and the concept design for Stages Two and Three.

    Feedback received in this phase of engagement will be considered in the final master plan. 

    As a resident I am concerned about the impact of the revitalisation of the Bundilla Beach area on our neighbourhood.

    Preserving Bundilla Beach’s environmental, cultural and social value is a critical goal of this master plan. 

    Stage One works are intended to enhance the amenity of the area and activate the space. These works will be concentrated around the foreshore area, so the impacts of construction to residents will be minimised. 

    Stage One works will involve small-scale improvements that focus on improving amenity, safety, and leisure and recreation opportunities.

    How can I share my feedback about this master plan?

    Your feedback and ideas will help us to understand whether the draft master plan meets the expectations of stakeholders and the community into the future. 

    You can tell us what you think by filling out a survey or providing a submission via:

    Where can I find out more about this project?